There’s something about Bangkok that makes me want to go back again and again.  I love the culture – it’s rich and simply fascinating! I love the people!  They are very polite!  The food is just mouth-watering!!!

          I want to talk about our not-so-recent trip to Bangkok last October 2009 (yes, I talk about it all the time). I’ll tell you just about everything you need to know about Bangkok.

          We got a good deal from Philippine Airlines (PAL). We paid $138 for our roundtrip ticket from Manila to Bangkok and vice versa. Of course, no once can get away with travel tax of Php1620 and terminal fee of Php750. We left at around 10:30AM and arrived three hours later. Manila is one hour ahead of Bangkok so we had to adjust our time to Bangkok time.

          Boy, was I completely fascinated with the airport’s architecture!

          When you arrive Bangkok, head straight to the immigration kiosks and make sure to look for the regular line and not the “trainee” line. It will save you your time.

From Bangkok Airport (SUVARNABHUMI) to Bangkok downtown (Pronounced as “SOO-WA-NA-POOM”

           There are several ways to get to the downtown area. You can take the ordinary metered taxis available on the second floor of the Suvarnabhumi airport, or you could opt to take the limousine at the official taxi stand. You can also take the free shuttle bus from the Suvarnabhumi airport to the Public Transport Center where there are even more taxis.

          Another option is to take the Airport Express Bus which can be found outside the ground floor of the Suvarnabhumi Airport. They operate hourly from 7AM until midnight and charge 150Baht to these four routes:

          -AE1: Suvarnabhumi to Silom
          -AE2: Suvarnabhumi to Khao San Road
          -AE3: Suvarnabhumi to Sukhumvit (SOO-KOOM-WIT))
          -AE4: Suvarnahhumi to Victory Monument (Hua Lamphong train station)

          Each route takes about 60 to 90 minutes from the SUvarnabhumi Airport to Bangkok downtown.

          We opted to take the taxi at the drop-off station located at the departure level (top level). You can walk outside the airport and walk across the road and wait for taxis. Once a taxi has dropped off passengers, you can hail it down. Not a lot of them speak English so as much as possible, talk to them in Thai language. It may sound a lot to many but saying “Me-meter-my” should be effortless. It’s a way of asking the driver if they have a meter. Try to insist on using the meter.

          The flag down that time was 50Baht and we paid around a total of 300Baht from the airport to our hotel.

          We stayed at the Calypzo hotel ( where their standard room rate was 1000Baht. It’s clean and nice.  It’s also a three-minute walk to the train station so it was really convenient.

          We checked into the hotel in the afternoon and took a little nap having gone through all the exhaustion during the flight.

          Our first stop was MBK (มาบุญครอง) (say, MA-BOO-KON).  Here’s what I have written on our itinerary:

From Hotel to MBK (มาบุญครอง)

          -Walk to the nearest MRT station
          -Take MRT  Huay Kwang to MRT Sukhumvit
          -Upon reaching MRT Sukhumvit, transfer to the BTS (skytrain)
          -Take the SkyTrain to W1 National Stadium Station (Silom Line).
          -Leave via Exit 4 and take the direct link to Tokyu Department Store.
          -MBK shopping center can be accessed via Tokyu.

          After a little bit of window shopping in MBK, we had our dinner at the Baiyoke hotel. We took a taxi from MBK to Baiyoke hotel. It’s about 2.4km away and we paid around 60-70Baht. We didn’t have our reservations ahead so Crystal Grill (82nd floor) was already full. We had our dinner instead at Stella Palace Chinese Restaurant (79th floor) and the buffet was at 820Baht per person. The dinner was good as I have always been a fan of Chinese food.

          The price we paid for the dinner buffet was already inclusive of the entrance fee to the observation deck and revolving view point on the 84th floor.  You’ll find miniature “Bangkok style” in display and you’ll get a grasp of the entire view of Bangkok and the view was definitely breathtaking!

          We took a taxi going back to our hotel and paid around 120Baht.