It must be a little too late for a new year’s resolution.  But for my own justification, I guess it’s just about the perfect time to post mine.  You see, holidays are over; Christmas, New Year, Fiesta. 

I took this picture of my tummy after the holidays as inspired by The Biggest Loser.  The last time I went on diet was November of last year in preparation for the year-end party when I had to wear something hmmm, revealing.


I still don’t consider myself fat, though.  But I have to lose the extra pounds I gained over the holidays.  I don’t really dream of becoming skinny as it is impossible for a genetically pear-shaped woman.

In preparation for my Singapore trip this March, I aim to lose at least 5 pounds.  I have roughly two months to do that.  Realistic, eh?

I have to say goodbye to my daily trip to Zagu (grande, extra zagu please), bi-weekly  spree to Postrio, pizza delivery, … DAMNIT! THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!


As I always say, “VANITY COSTS YOU A FORTUNE”.  I guess I’ll have to stay this way.  This resolution thing is not even realistic!  *binging on French fries*