Love songs have never been too striking to me as it is right now.  February is coming and I smell the scent of flowers in all corners.  I’m not looking for someone to spend that day with.  Rather, I often wonder, “Will they last forever?”.  Poor me, too cynical.  Perhaps, having first hand love experiences has a lot to do with it. 


It took me time to realize that there had been too many words that escaped from my fingertips.  With the current situation wherein the ratio between males and females is 1:10, I can’t help but accentuate every angle of it.  Of course, one may find that figure  too exaggerated.  But if you were to ask me, that’s not even close to reality.

 Currently, this song has been playing at the back of my head over and over again for closely a month now. 



         Was it something that I said
         Was it something that I did
         Cause I gotta know what made me unbeautiful

 Sounds familiar?  I bet everyone will start agreeing with me. Who has never felt rejection?  We all get to feel what it’s like when feelings aren’t shared.


To be even more precise, a song by Charlotte Martin entitled “I’m Normal, Please Date Me” is the best example.  This reminds me of the “40-Year-Old Virgin”.  (Is there really such a thing?) It never fails to keep me wonder what was on her head when she wrote that. Perhaps, nothing beats this song for the desperate ones.  Should they need indulgence, a trip to Aviary along Jones Avenue will do.  Why do I know? It’s best kept undisclosed.

 These kinds of songs trouble me every time I hear them.  But I don’t despise them.  It’s good to be reminded that we’re humans afterall.