machoI thought I could hold on till the  27th of December but I was wrong.  Today, I have to bid goodbye to you.  I must admit, you’re such a habit so hard for me to break.

 Still, I cringe at the thought of you lying to my face that you’re still single.  You’ve been married for too long! 

 But if you insist, then I shall pretend that I miss you; that I still care for you; that I still long for you.  I shall leave it as is this way.

Revenge is what I wish to do.  You know what I can do, don’t you?  But of course, it’s pointless.  

 No, I’m not looking back to the spot where I met you.  I have come to realize you were just a passerby —  a man with serious issues about his manhood; about how terrible his pecker works; about how long you could stay on without alcohol.

 No, I’m not going to see the man again who’s too broke to  even buy him food; to even pay for his cab back home.

No,  not with the man who can finish in three minutes. 

There’s no turning back now.   Never!