I found this piece of writing I wrote two years ago. *cough *cough  Excuse the grammar and the composition.


November 2, 2006       10:34:00 PM

im sitting here in front of the computer 
reading some articles i am always fascinated with. i
have been an avid fan of mikel (the son of vice mayor
mike rama) for quite some time now. i could still
remember that guy who sat right next to me during one of
my REED classes. he always amazes me with every
thought he conveys and not to mention, that cute smile
I could never forget.

it’s odd though that it has been a couple of years
now, but whenever i read over new blogs posted each
day, i always go back and scan through mikel’s page,
to check and see if there’s an article or even a phrase
that i missed to read…

oh, what could that mean? im actually looking for the
exact word that would best describe the feeling that i
get when i read his blogs… 

moving on, it has always been my dream of becoming a
writer but i dont have the guts AT ALL!  as you can see,
i dont think im really good at it. insecurity comes
along when i imagine  you “thinking”  that the lady sitting right
next to you is not as bright as mikel.  well, i think
psychology could well explain the feeling of being
insecure when you feel that you dont think that you
aint got talent at all. 

or MAYBE im insecure because im just envisioning myself

ten years from now —
wearing thick black glasses, with a loose, white
polo shirt paired with a black floor-length skirt.  hmmm…  who
knows? that could be the fashion in the next decade…
*naks! i dont wanna look too old, no way!

well, so much of things to talk about. till next