I got really really sad when I came across a certain article regarding racism and terrorism.

We were told we were fighting terrorists; the real terrorist was me

One cannot surmise what really happens in Iraq but the soldiers and the Iraqis themselves. I strongly object Bush’s decision in declaring war against MidEast. I wonder if he’s able to sleep at night knowing that there are thousands out there who are being thrown out of their homes and tortured for no apparent reason.

A lot of people actually say that it’s the Muslims’ claim of Jihad – fighting every Allah’s enemy. I am a Christian, I do not see them as my enemies nor do my Muslim friends look at me as their enemies. Could it be that a lot of people read the bible and the quoran too literally?

A soldier was once asked if it hurts to kill a man. He said that the most painful part is when it doesn’t hurt anymore. This just breaks my heart.

In one way or another, I do not consider the American soldiers as heroes. Heroes in what way? That they have to kill our Muslim brothers in the name of America? That another man’s blood has to drain for them to assert that they are the most powerful of all?

My friends, I have been agnostic for too long. If God does exist, I pray that no one has to shed a droplet of blood in the name of another.