I finally found a website where I can download unlimited songs without the use of any software (torrent, bearshare, limewire, etc.). I rejoice this day for I finally am able to listen to different versions of “Across the Universe”.

To name them, I have: The Beatles, Michael Johns, Rufus Wainwright; and Fiona Apple.

I’ll start with Fiona Apple.

Although I always loved the uniqueness of her voice, I find her version too melodic. Knowing the type of music she produces, I believe this song is supposed to be a song of praise which is just about right. But I guess it would have been better if she had played with the beat just a little bit faster.

Michael Johns

He’s one of my bets during American Idol 8. There’s always this tendency to compare him against David Cook. His version is brilliant. It would be unfair on his part if I don’t acknowledge the accompaniment of violins. Violins produce this certain harmony that is so soothing and puts your soul at peace. But at the back pages of my head, I have this “second thoughts” I don’t know what it’s all about.

Aahhh, The Brilliant Beatles

You can’t go wrong with The Beatles. John Lennon is such a great writer, a great artist. The Beatles wouldn’t be THE BEATLES without this song. Indeed, one of the greatest masterpieces I’ve heard.

Finally, Rufus Wainwright

This version is just perfect! Need I say more? Oh wait, I’m adding this to my Ipod.

Cheers everyone!