I already gained the friendship of 200 or so individuals, to whom I am really grateful to have known and shared my thoughts with.

So now here’s a few list of the kinds of people who I’d most certainly LOVE to be friends with:


oh pppuuuullleeeaassseee!!! I don’t want to hear your whines about how humid our weather is, or how soon you’ll die if you don’t that leather jacket Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing, how good looking your latest boyfriend is, blah blah blah. Whatever. Do your business somewhere else. I got better things to do.


People who use the pictures of those fugly celebrities whose faces are full of botox and boobies made of greasy silicones! Hey, your lips do look like those of aliens!


People who fill my bulletin board with a zagillion repetitions of the same post/message to add them in Friendster, Hipster, Pinoyster, Berkster, Oh wait, you still believe in chain letters???!! Thank you so much! And please grow up!

  • People who give me comments with fancy yet useless html, images, soundfiles and text art/drawings that consume a lot of my bandwidth — Can’t you think of something else? If you really want to know how I’m doing, just hit the “send message” button, will you?
  • pEoplE wHo wRItE LiKe dIs aNd tHoSe wHo jUSt lUv yOu so take caRez and Yngatzzz!

Well, practically everyone. It’s too hard to befriend anyone when the world is full of annoying people. I just wish that some people out there should at least be mindful of others.

I have had enough troubles with MySpace already. I wouldn’t want to waste any more cent of my prepaid internet wishing it’ll eventually load. Haha, good riddance! So for now, I only keep Friendster for me to at least keep in touch.