I really don’t mind staying up all night just to have a conversation with people who make sense. I had a chat with the local hitman, Ch4:D last night and I felt like I was having a conversation again with Ren, Bert, Marky and Tita Jas (God, I miss you terribly guys! I understand you’re working your way to the top and making the most out of it. I look forward to meeting you one of these days. Hopefully, soon!)

Anyways, I don’t give credits to people who feel high and mighty when they advise me something about life as if they’ve “been there, done that”. Say for instance, a close friend of mine always gives me unsolicited advices on what I should and should not do. Blasphemy!

Who is she to say that? She’s my age, the guy she’s currently with is her first boyfriend and probably her first kiss. Don’t tell me how to manage my income. I started feeding myself when I was 19 but you? No worries at all because your mom is just a phone call away.

Of course, I always make my way out. I can make her believe that I owe her my life. Charade, I’m good at that 🙂


The basic rule of hypocrisy:

To get what you want, tell people what they want to hear. Sometimes what they want to hear may not necessarily be what you want to say. In other words. bawal ang magpranka. Hence, hypocrisy. Apply that in *Name of company and i assure you it will take you to higher places.


Credits to Ch4:D