I haven’t had any recent evaluation of my love life until a guy I used to know emailed me and asked me how I was. You know, the occasional hellos, am I taken, or seeing someone else. Surreal — I didn’t realize that 17 minutes had passed yet, I had written not a single word. Hmm, what made the clock stop?

Three years had passed since the last relationship I had. Many times, I felt so alone but it was during those times I realized what really makes me happy. I discovered my passion for photography and the desire to further my studies.

You don’t commit to someone just because you think the world has turned its back on you. It’s normal to feel secluded especially when the wound is still fresh. (Only the hypocrites claim otherwise).

Oftentimes, we tend to disregard the people around us. We take them for granted, their presence goes unnoticed. It’s ironic how we treat them that way, we only see them when we WANT to see them.

I realized that the very reason my last relationship failed was because I committed for the wrong reason. I longed for a companion, a craving which could have been satisfied by getting a puppy in the first place. Of course, I still love men as much as they love women. It was just the wrong place at the right time.

Anyways, it’s almost an hour now. I haven’t thought of the right word to say. Should I say, “I’m happy being single”? Hmmm, this might hinder my quest for Mr. Right Guy. Or should I say, “I’m taken”? He could be the right guy. Perhaps, “Still searching…”? Who knows his real intention?

It made me think, am I ready?

Sometimes, emails are better off unanswered.