Ever since I was a kid, I never got along with my sister. Why? Because she’s my exact opposite. Raised up a spoiled brat who went on with her endless rants about not getting what she wanted.

I grew up wondering and wishing I had a big brother. I envy the kids I grew up with because there was always someone they called “KUYA”. I envy my first degree cousin because she has 2 big brothers who were more than willing to put up a battle because their little sister was in trouble.

Here I am, still wishing and dreaming of something I could NEVER have.

Here’s what I usually imagine:

I imagine myself making lambing to my kuya because I want to put up a website with some fancy animations and then I claim to have it made myself. I imagine jumping into his bed because it’s already noon yet, he’s still in deep sleep and no one’s cooking lunch. He’s a good cook, you know.

I imagine myself putting up a little fight with him because he always sleeps with me, wakes me up in the middle of my sleep for his midnight snacks, snores soooo loudly — all the troubles i get because he can’t stand the smell of his own room.

I imagine a kuya who never gets tired following me around all the petshops in Cebu because I still have not decided which puppy to pick. And then we’d walk around parks with my doggie. I’d beg him to build my baby’s dog house thereafter.

I imagine my kuya playing the guitar and singing a little bit off-tune. I’d be on my knees begging him to pay my bills because I’m totally broke — he agrees by making me do his laundry for a month.

I imagine him scaring my suitors away because he couldn’t watch his little sister cry — the fact is, he’s bribing all the men he knows to woo me because he could no longer bear listening to all my whines being a hopeless romantic. He’d then ask me out for dinner because he just got dumped. I’d gladly oblige! I imagine him having a kid who looks exactly like me — a cute little prince/princess. My brother then gets jealous because I no longer make lambing to him but his kid. LOL

And I can go on and on like this all day long…

*sighs* How sweet can I be when I say “Kuya…”