No doubt my grandfather is the most influential person in our clan. Too bad I don’t get to bear his surname. I’m not a people person, yet when people ask me “who i am”, they always trace it back to my ancestors.

Conversations usually go on like this:

So you know Pepe?
Yes, I do. He’s my grandfather.
Are you a lawyer? Are you in law school?
No, it never came to my senses.
Well, you should!

I heard a lot about him but I barely knew him. Since google has become my bestfriend lately, I decided to check if his name would come up. And whalllah!

Here’s the most interesting one.

He was part of the “Magic 5” — the original magic group organized as the first Civilian members of the Diablo Squad; the Crime Buster who were all lawyers who serve as the Advisory Group of the DSCB Organization.

Well, I thought at first that it could be someone else so I checked it on the Integrated Bar in the Philippines. Indeed, he’s the only person by that name!

Here’s a little bit of history of the brotherhood:

  • 1976

Sgt. Leborio “ABRAHAM” Jangao, Jr. founded “DIABLO SQUAD”

  • 1979

Capt. Gil “LAPU-LAPU” Taojo, Jr. and Capt. Anastacio “PATTON” Labitad of the Phil. Army were recruited into the DS fraternity

  • 1982

SGF LAPU-LAPU (Supreme Godfather Founder) was instrumental in drafting the Constitution and By Laws of the DSCB Organization

  • 1984

Gen. Fidel V. Ramos called a conference among top leaders of the AFP and leaders of the DIABLO Organization at Camp Aguinaldo in the month of November in order to discuss the controversial issues surrounding the DIABLO Organization’s existence. it was agreed unanimously to disband the DIABLO Organization which was scheduled effective December 25, 1984.

GMF ABRAHAM approached personally Gen. Fidel V. Ramos submitting his request to rename the DSCB Organization into GUARDIANS BROTHERHOOD INC. in order to continue carrying the noble cause and objective of the Organization. Gen. Fidel V. Ramos agreed.

  • December 10, 1984

GBI Organization was registered under SEC (SEC Reg. # 123899)

  • 2000

First National Unification Assembly was called by the National Chairman Gregorio “GS GRINGO” Honasan II. Guardians Brotherhood Inc. was renamed into Philippine Guardians Brotherhood Inc.

Yes, and that’s something you don’t get to know every day.